October 14 2011

Carpenter Doc Services

by Barbie in Company News

As you all know, the focus of Carpenter Doc is editing. However, we offer a range of services, and we don’t want you to forget about the other things we can do for you. Here’s a sampling of some of the services we offer in addition to comprehensive editing:

  • Transcription. This is a relatively new service that we offer. Many of the graduate students we work with use interviews as a part of their thesis or dissertation research. These audio-taped interviews are very time-consuming to transcribe, but the transcription is essential in the research process. You can send us your audio-taped interviews, and we can transcribe them for you.
  • Formatting. If you’re submitting a thesis or dissertation, your graduate school likely has very detailed formatting guidelines. Gaining format approval is often the first step in the arduous process of defending and graduating. Even if you don’t need us to edit your document, we can format it to align with your school-specific guidelines. We are familiar with many school’s formatting standards, including Barry University, the University of Central Florida, and the University of Kentucky. But, we can tackle any formatting project. Just send us your guidelines along with your paper.
  • Writing. Will we write your academic papers for you? No. But, Barbie works as an online content writer in addition to her position at Carpenter Doc, so she can offer writing services for business professionals. Whether you want a well-written “About Us” section for your website or a blog post that promotes your company’s services, we canĀ  help! No writing project is too small.

If you are in need of any of these services, contact us today!