March 11 2010

Carpenter Doc launches new website

by Barbie in Company News

Carpenter Doc is excited to debut our new website, and we want to take a moment to guide our clients and visitors through the new site. Check out some of our new features:

Client Testimonials

After years of working with clients across all disciplines, we’ve collected testimonials from past clients to illustrate the benefit of using an editor. Many thanks to those clients who offered their testimonials! If you’re a past client who wants to be featured on our site, simply e-mail Barbie today.

Expanded About Us

Get to know your editor better on our expanded About Us page. Our site now features a detailed biography of Barbie Carpenter, showing her broad editing experience.

User-Friendly Contact Form

Since we first launched our website in August 2008, we’ve expanded our editing abilities and edited a wider range of documentation. Our new contact form includes more document choices in an easy-to-use drop-down menu.

New and Improved Blog

As you can see, our blog has a new look as well – one that is easier for you to read and search. Collapse the posts for an overview of our recent blog updates.

We hope you enjoy our new site! Thanks to our web designer, Drew Barontini, who has worked on this site for many months.