April 29 2011

Carpenter Doc invoicing

by Barbie in Company News

Hi, folks! We have a few new guidelines regarding payments.

  • We will continue to submit a detailed invoice that documents the time we worked on the project and the tasks that we completed. You will receive this invoice when we submit the edited version of your project.
  • In addition to this invoice, which is for your own records, we will submit an invoice through PayPal upon completion of the project.
  • We are now asking all clients to pay via PayPal. You have five days after receipt of the invoice to submit payment, and the invoice will clearly indicate the due date.

We have a few ongoing clients who pay via check, and those of you can continue to pay this way if you prefer. New clients must pay via PayPal.

Note that these changes are intended to ease the payment process for both of us. It’s easy to forget to drop a check in the mail — and it costs you $.44 to do it. PayPal is a secure way to pay online without exchanging any personal payment information, and it expedites the payment process.

Thanks for your cooperation!