August 28 2009

Better style is just a click away

by Barbie in Style

After researching, outlining, and writing, your paper is finally finished. The only thing preventing you from clicking “Send” is that pesky Works Cited page. Where do you begin?

In today’s digital age, access to a wealth of style information is just a click away. Rather than flipping through cumbersome style guides, you can now type in a query and find an answer in seconds. Check out these websites to save time and improve your style:

Learning APA Style gives you access to tutorials on a variety of topics, ranging from the basics of APA style to the latest edition’s updates. Don’t forget to check out the APA Style Blog, which offers excellent input from APA experts.

If you are in the journalism/communications field, stop by the AP Style Book site. An annual subscription provides you with online access to all things AP style, complete with a helpful search tool.

As we mentioned in an earlier blog post, the Chicago Manual of Style includes a thorough Q&A section that is searchable. Best of all, it’s free! With an annual subscription, you can search the full manual online.

With all of these tools just a click away, you can polish your paper with proper style in no time.