January 29 2012

APA Tables

by Barbie in APA Style

APA tables don’t adhere to the traditional format you get when you insert a table in Microsoft Word. There aren’t lines between rows and columns, for example. So, how do you get that Word table to look like an APA one?

It takes a bit of effort. If you don’t have time to format your tables into APA, we can help! Here are a couple of options for formatting your document:

  • Let us create the tables. If you already have built your tables in the traditional Word format, we can change them to APA for you as we edit it — or as a separate project; it’s your choice.
  • Ask us for a template. If you’re just starting to build the tables, we can create an easy-to-use template for all of the tables in your document. Simply copy and paste the blank table into your document, and fill in the rows and columns.

If you need help with your tables, contact us today!