April 28 2011

APA refresher

by Barbie in Style

It’s the end of the semester, which means we’re busy working on last-minute theses and dissertations for our clients as they prepare for their defense and graduation. Since most of the students we work with use APA, we thought we’d do a quick blog post that provides some useful APA formatting tips:

  • Set off quotations that have more than 40 words from the rest of the paragraph in a separate, uniformly indented paragraph. Do not include quotation marks around the block quote.
  • Include page numbers for all direct quotes in the in-text citation. For example: (Carpenter, 2011, p. 50). Note the space between “p.” and the page number.
  • Include one space between sentences if you are using APA 5th edition. Include two spaces between sentences if you are using APA 6th edition. Some students might have started their theses or dissertations before the 6th edition came out with this change, so many advisers are allowing students to adhere to the 5th-edition rule. Check with your adviser to be sure.