August 5 2016

An APA refresher for the fall semester

by Barbie in Academia

back to school 16Welcome to the first post in our August back-to-school series. Today, we’re taking a look at APA Style basics. Whether you’re an MLA loyalist who is now using APA or you simply need a reminder of those APA rules, this post is for you. When you sit down to write your first paper of the semester, use this post as your APA guide.


Double space your title page, which should include your title (written in title case), name, and school.


Academic manuscripts include an abstract of about 250 words.


Standard APA papers include 1-inch margins and a running head. On the title page, include Running head: TITLE OF PAPER. On subsequent pages, only include TITLE OF PAPER. The header should also include a right-justified page number.


APA includes five levels of headings, which are key in improving the flow of your paper, guiding the reader from section to section with ease.

In-Text Citations

In-text citations should include the author and year in parentheses. Add the page number (formatted as p. #) for any direct quotations.


Alphabetize your references list. Use a hanging indent for each source, which you can format in Microsoft Word using the Paragraph > Tabs dialog box. List up to seven authors for each source. If there are more than seven authors, list the first six authors, an ellipsis (…), and then the last listed author.