April 11 2010

A style guide for web writing

by Barbie in Style

We were intrigued by the news that Yahoo! is releasing a style guide this summer, offering guidelines for writing on the web.

Check out the limited information on the guide here.

AP Style offers some guidelines for online publication, and news websites almost exclusively follow AP standards whether they’re publishing in print or online. It will be interesting to see if AP expands its online guidelines now that Yahoo! is releasing its style guide.

Even though news organizations might not adopt Yahoo’s guide, plenty of websites could use some writing guidance. Web writing can be a tricky subject, and there certainly aren’t universal standards for the web. After all, we can’t even agree whether it’s “website,” “Web site,” or “web site.” So, there is certainly a market—and a large one, at that—that needs a set of web writing standards.

We’re excited to check out the book in July. Will you be getting a copy?

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