July 29 2010

A blog about blogging

by Barbie in Formatting, Web Writing

For better or worse, the Internet has made everyone a writer. People communicate on social networking sites, try to be clever in 140 words or fewer, and blog. We’ve talked about writing for the web before, so today, we’re going to focus on formatting your blog.

Many formatting decisions depend on your blog’s theme. A business-related blog often looks much like the company’s website, like ours. A personal blog gives you more freedom to be creative, but it’s still important to apply consistent formatting to help your readers navigate through your posts.

Here are a few formatting tips for blogs:

Include a succinct title for each post

Just like a headline in a newspaper, the post title should draw your reader in and give them a sense of what your post is about.

Choose one emphasis style

If you want to emphasize a word or phrase, use italics, bold it, underline it or highlight it—your choice. But, don’t bold an important phrase in the first paragraph and italicize for emphasis in the second. And, certainly don’t bold, italicize, and underline one word. That’s a bit of emphasis overload.

Don’t overformat

Blogging platforms give you access to a variety of formatting tools—you can add color, pictures, fonts, and more. Stick to a few reliable formatting styles, and use them consistently. Too many colors, pictures and fonts will simply confuse your readers and ultimately detract from your content.