August 28 2016

3 benefits of working with an editor this semester

by Barbie in Academia

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Why do you need an academic editor? Is it worth the investment? How will you benefit from the writer-editor relationship?

If you’re considering working with an academic editor for the first time this semester, you’re not alone. Each semester, we work with more than 50 students at universities across the country, helping to edit everything from 5-page manuscripts to 250-page dissertations — and everything in between.

Here’s why our clients always keep coming back.

1. Writing improvement

Working with a comprehensive (or developmental) editor is more than just having someone check your spelling and punctuation. This intensive editing process identifies consistent flaws in your writing, allowing you to improve them. For example, perhaps you often forget to add transitions to your paper to improve the flow of the manuscript. We’ll identify those problems and work with you to build stronger transitions and, as a result, a more readable piece.

2. Grammar brush-up

If you’re matriculating through higher education, chances are that your last grammar class was in high school … or even earlier. Everyone can use a brush-up on grammar. Our edit includes a complete grammar check, and we will point out any consistent problems, complete with an explanation of the grammar rule, so that you can apply this rule next time you write.

3. Open communication

When you use our services, you can contact Barbie via email at any time for quick questions about your project. Wondering the best way to cite a new source? Want her to review a new sentence you added to your introduction? Need help formatting the table of contents? Barbie is always on call to answer your questions, and minor revisions and formatting fixes are available at no additional charge with every edit.

Working with an editor is a smart investment that can improve not only your grade but also your writing.