December 31 2014

2014 by the numbers

by Barbie in Company News

We’ve already shared the details about our record-breaking year. Here’s a quick infographic full of fun facts about our 2014 projects, clients, and more!


December 29 2014


by Barbie in Company News

We’re excited to share that 2014 was a record-breaking year at Carpenter Doc. We completed more projects than ever before: 180! We started a new project roughly every 2 days this year. With most projects ranging from 50 to 250 pages, we edited tens of thousands of pages in 2014 alone.

Here’s a recap of our record-breaking year.

The Schools

We worked with students from 23 schools, collaborating on those students’ capstone projects, dissertations, and other academic manuscripts. Our client base spanned from the University of Buffalo to the University of Miami and everywhere in between.

We continued our long-standing relationship with students at Barry University, Nova Southeastern University, and Florida International University. We held onto our Orlando roots, working with students and professors from UCF. We established new partnerships with local students, editing projects for students and professors at the University of Kentucky and Morehead State University.

The list doesn’t stop there! Carpenter Doc also took on editing projects from students at Frontier Nursing University, Keiser University, the University of Phoenix, Piedmont College, Concordia University, the University of Louisiana-Monroe, Capella University, and more!

The Projects

Academic projects have always been Carpenter Doc’s focus, and 2014 was no exception. Our 2014 project load included 56 dissertations, 40 academic manuscripts, and 30 capstone projects!

The remaining projects were diverse, including everything from books and poster presentations to continuing education courses for online schools and conference programs for national organizations.

The Clients

Almost half (86) of our 180 projects this year were with new clients. Our existing client base again helped to support the continued growth of Carpenter Doc; many of these new clients were referred to us by existing clients. So, to our entire — and ever-growing — client base, thank you!

Here’s to another successful year ahead. We’re accepting new projects for 2015 today.

December 24 2014

Holiday wishes

by Barbie in Company News

December 23 2014

Happy holidays!

by Barbie in Company News

Happy holidays to our Carpenter Doc clients!

We’re working through dissertations over the holiday break and lining up projects for January. Contact Barbie today to get your project on the January calendar.

Be sure to stop by next week for our year-end wrap-up!

November 27 2014

Full schedule

by Barbie in Company News

We’re operating at capacity right now. Our schedule is full through Thursday, December 11. Feel free to contact Barbie to get your project on the schedule.

Check out the Contact page for more information on our current schedule/availability.

Happy Thanksgiving!

November 7 2014

Last call for Fall 2014 grads!

by Barbie in Academia, Company News

Graduation is approaching, which means our doctoral student clients are defending, revising, and submitting their completed manuscripts. As a result, our November schedule is nearly full. We’re accepting a limited number of projects for the rest of the month.

Check your dissertation guidelines today to find out if your school requires that your project be professionally edited. You don’t want to be scrambling for an editor at the last minute. We’ll be working through the holidays to help our clients graduate, and the sooner you get on our schedule, the better.

October 23 2014

Retail websites: Editors needed

Much of Carpenter Doc’s writing workload is for retail websites, writing product descriptions and informational/advertorial blog posts. Our product descriptions are reviewed by in-house editors before they go live on the site.

Unfortunately, not all retailers are as detail focused and, instead, post product descriptions and ads chock full of errors. Here are a few we have spotted recently.

October 2 2014

Lesson in Latin

by Barbie in Grammar

Our this or that blog posts are some of our most popular, garnering web hits from across the world. Previously, we’ve answered boarder or border and elicit or illicit. Today, we’re tackling Latin.

E.g. and i.e. are commonly used but often confused abbreviations. Let’s break down what each one means and when to use them.

  • e.g. is an abbreviation meaning for example. As a result, this abbreviation should be used when presenting an example but not necessarily an inclusive list.
    During autumn, leaves begin to transition into rich colors (e.g., red and yellow).
    Here, red and yellow are just examples since leaves change other colors as well.
  • i.e. is an abbreviation meaning in other words. It is used for clarification and provides an inclusive list.
    The American flag features three colors (i.e., red, white, and blue).
    Here, i.e. is appropriate because it clarifies the colors and provides an inclusive list. 


September 30 2014

Breaking news error

by Barbie in In the News

This post isn’t the first one that has discussed the trouble with breaking news. In a rush to get breaking news posted on the web, news organizations might shorten — or even skip — the copy editing process, thereby increasing the risk of errors.

Here’s an example we came across last week:

September 24 2014

Happy National Punctuation Day!

by Barbie in Punctuation

It’s National Punctuation Day, the annual celebration of punctuation for grammar sticklers across the country. There’s no punctuation mark misused quite like the apostrophe, so here is a collection of our favorite — make that, least favorite — apostrophe errors.