December 27 2012

2012 Wrap-Up: The Numbers

by Barbie in Company News

As we approach the end of 2012, it’s time for our annual wrap-up. Here, we reflect on the past year and look to the one ahead. This year, we’re going to break down our analysis of Carpenter Doc 2012 into a few separate blog posts. Today, we’re looking at 2012 by the numbers.

  • Editing projects: 131, or a new project every 2.79 days
  • Dissertations: 35, or one every week and a half
  • Schools: 14, spanning from Florida to Utah
  • Style guides used: 5, including AMA, AP, APA, MLA, and Chicago
  • Retail website content written: 700 articles, totaling about 315,000 words

These numbers reveal that 2012 was our most successful year yet! Stay tuned tomorrow for further analysis of our year.